Brandie Michelle Peters

Is a content creator, entreprenuer, and strategist. She is the founder of websites PsyChicks and Awakened Autistic. She works for Keith’s Cacao as marketing director. She reads Tarot cards.


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Existential Peer Support

Connect with like-minded individuals on a similar path, offering and receiving empathetic support during these transformative moments. Join our supportive network, fostering connections that inspire resilience and mutual understanding on the journey through existential questioning.

Email Tarot Card Readings

I enjoy using my tarot cards to break the ice. I provide in-depth card readings, responding to your most existential questions using my favorite Fae and Fern deck. This is a great way to gain some intuitive insight and make it easier to begin a deep conversation about purpose, meaning and the direction of your life. 

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Valuable information and empowering guidance, fostering resilience and self-discovery on your unique journey through the complexities of existence

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While you’re exploring the depths of consciousness, exploring the metaphysical or seeking a higher understanding of your purpose, these resources are designed to support and inspire you on your spiritual awakening journey.

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Whether you’re curious about ancient traditions, contemporary applications, or personal journeys with plant medicine, our content is a gateway to knowledge that fosters a deeper understanding of the therapeutic potential of natural plant medicines.