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Financial Realities and Existential Crisis

Financial Realities and Existential Crisis

I resent having existential awareness during this time of financial complexity. I feel as if others, maybe who have not yet awakened to the unfair realities of the human existence would be able to more easily navigate this, simply paying what they are told to pay and going through the motions co-operating completely within the system. I have the urge to do that just to get it over with. I desire the ability to go on auto-pilot and just agreeably follow one step and then the next. I realize that I will need to shut off the part of my brain that is questioning every aspect of this and just get through it because when I am fully “in-tune” to the nilhistic realities, the fact I am enslaved to my government, having this realization clear and then co-operating becomes hard.

3 Years of Straight Burnout 3 Lessons Hard Earned

Reflections In Burnout Recovery I don’t have a clear recollection of the last 3 years of my own life. What a fantastic way to start this writing exercise out - it is a bit unfortunate for me to realize this, but it is to be honest, the absolute truth.What makes this...

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