This Is My personal Testimony to the Power of Ceremonial Cacao! 


    Hello. My name is Brandie Michelle and I am many things , content creator, peer support provider, entrepreneur AND Ceremonial Cacao Enthusiast. This is my personal website. Today I want to share with you the benefits I have experienced from regularly drinking raw Ceremonial Cacao, specifically the brand Keith’s Cacao!

    A Bit Of Background So You Know Where I am Coming From…

      • From 2011 – 2021 I operated my own busy online marketing agency that focused on the spiritual, health and wellness industry, ironically I was exhausting myself participating in the “relentless entrepreneur grind” killing my own health to run that business…
      • In 2021 I was introduced to Ceremonial Cacao when we became the ads agency for Keith’s Cacao , thought it was just another day , just another client, only later I realized that this pairing was going to change my life
      • During this time I also became pregnant with my 3rd child and this change of health showed me how exhausted and burnt out I had become from running my agency. I decided to take a step back , focus on resetting my nervous system, heal my inner child, reconnect with my family and aspired reset my subconscious programming to escape the hustle culture I had become indoctrinated to…


      For those who are new to the world of drinking pure, raw Cacao ( yes like chocolate ) the promised benefits are described as…

    Focus and Energy

    Spiritual Connection

    Increased Creativity

    It is also important to note that Ceremonial Cacao is different than coffee where the boost of energy and lifted mood comes from the caffeine, Keith’s Cacao has an alternative source of chemical energy called Therobromine.

    Theobromine is gentle, mild, takes time to kick in, lasts a long time/ On the other hand, caffeine is strong, intense, works quickly, doesn’t last long, is hard on your adrenals and you can become reliant on it.

    Essentially, Ceremonial Cacao provides a more holistic boost!


    I decided to start drinking Ceremonial Cacao instead of Coffee Daily and Here Are 3 Things That I experienced!

    Reduced Self Judgement & Self Conciousness

    I no longer felt so much guilt, pressure, or urgency. I was able to be more present in experiences and live in the moment instead of endlessly chasing “the next thing”. Have a ritual of making Ceremonial Cacao, sitting down and setting an intention, and allowing myself to feel patient and relaxed. 

    Improved Perspective

    I finally became aware of my enough-ness. The permission for pause and the removal of fictantious caffeine energy allowed for me to break through and recgonize that a lot of the hustle pressure I had felt came from a lack of “worthiness” a feeling that I needed to be productive and earn my place. Through the self-reflection enhanced by the cacao I was able to realize, that I was complete.

    Increased Intuition and Spiritual Connectiveness

    As a spiritual believer and someone who loves to connect with God and my inner wisdom, I found the Ceremonial Cacao very helpful for tapping in. When I was reading my Tarot Cards for myself or others, I felt that messages came to me easier and I was less judgemental towards what came through. 

    The Ceremonial Cacao Helped Me Connect With What Was Always Within

    For several months I chose Ceremonial Cacao instead of my daily coffee and the benefit , honestly is that this easy to prepare and nourishing beverage truly did deliver on its promise to “make everything better!”. Obviously, what was truly changed was my heart and my desire to focus on healing and wellness rather than chasing “the next greater and grandeur reward”. Although, these lessons would have been available to me without the plant medicine, I do feel as if it is an amazing supplement for my daily life.

    When the Therobromine activates and works through me throughout the day, I feel lighter, more present, and able to maintain a pleasant state of mind. Yes, I would say it has a slightly anti-depressent affect. It keeps me very much grounded and moving forward. Simply feeling good and grateful with a mild , natural enhancement.

    It is exciting for me to share about this truly life-enhancing product. One part of me was always a little bit cynical but after consistently drinking it, I do feel as if the promises are true.

    How Does Ceremonial Cacao Work? Watch This Video A Doctor Explains.

    What Causes the Healing, Heart-Opening Effect Of Ceremonial Cacao? A Doctor Explains


    Where Can You Buy Keith’s Ceremonial Cacao in Canada?

    For those who are curious enough to try it you can buy Keith’s Ceremonial Cacao in Canada directly from me, I will prepare and ship it to you personally with affordable shipping OR you can purchase it through the website via the link below.

    Order Ceremonial Cacao From Me!

    I have inventory of Keith’s Ceremonial Cacao available to ship anywhere in Canada. By buying directly from me you will be helping support me in my personal mission of providing peer support and encouragement for those struggling with an existential crisis or spiritual awakening. I will provide you with personalized 1:1 support to help you integrate Ceremonial Cacao into your daily life and experience the benefits.

    Order Ceremonial Cacao From Keith’s Cacao Directly

    The Keith’s Cacao website is another option for you to choose if you wish to purchase Ceremonial Cacao. You can use my link below to get 5% off your first order. This is a better option if you are located outside of Canada right now because you will get a better price on shipping.

    How Easy Is It To Make Ceremonial Cacao At Home?

    Making a cup of Keith’s Ceremonial Cacao IS as easy as making a cup of instant coffee! The most common question I get asked is about preparing this drink as many people feel concern that the process of drinking Ceremonial Cacao is going to be too complicated to do daily. I have included a link to a video to show you how easy it is to do this so that you can see for yourself. Me, I personally break up my break in advance, store it in a jar, and pull hot water over it. I use a vanilla flavoured almond milk creamer that makes it takes like an Oreo Cookie!

    10 Wonderful Things That Have Happened FOR Me Since I Discovered Ceremonial Cacao