V.I.P Days With Brandie Michelle

Would you like my help getting things done?

Listen, strategizing and talking things out is great but sometimes what we all really need is someone who knows what they are doing to take the reins and just get the thing done. With my V.I.P Days I can be that person for you.

V.I.P Days are a full 8 hours of support from me where we will work together to achieve some preset objectives and goals for your business.

Want to build a funnel from scratch and launch it with ads?
Want to write your website’s core SEO friendly content pages?
Need to set up an automated marketing sequence?

How about creating a new digital product offering for you to sell?

New to Shopify? New to Kajabi? New Clickfunnels? Done deal, I can help you get set up.

Whatever it is that you need ready to rock, you can hire my hands to do the busy work for you or alongside you.

How it works.

Step #1:

Book your introduction call where we strategize on what we need to do and make a list of what we would like to get accomplished in the 12 hours.

Step #2:

Step #2: Pay your retainer! This will allow you to book and hold a spot.

Step #3:

Step #3: Roll up your sleeves because I am yours for the day baby and we’re gonna get this thing done.

Why Am I Offering V.I.P Days?

Simple enough, because I know it is needed. There are a lot of people out there giving advice on “how to do your online marketing” but not enough people who have the applied hard skill sets to help you get it all done. I know what I am capable of doing for my clients in a 12 hour period and I actually enjoy new challenges and building things from scratch. 

If you trust my wisdom, dig how my creative mind works and would appreciate someone just managing your project then my V.I.P day option might be perfect for you.