You’re In!

Here is how it works.

Step #1: Go to the participant directory and follow everyone who is listed. Leave a comment on their most recent post so they know you are from the challenge. You guys are now going to cheer each other on!

Group Directory Is Here

Step #2: Click on the video prompt for Day One It will direct you to the first video challenge step which is to announce you are doing the challenge by either dueting my video OR making your own.

Click Here To See The First Prompt

Step #3: Join The Chat!
If you provided me with a gmail account then you should be able to access the chat within 24 hours of signing up. This is where you will post your video links for the other challenge members and interact with our growing supportive community.

Join The Chat


Don’t get left behind in the challenge. All of the important details and links to participate are here. Bookmark this page in my website so you can easily come back to this portal page any time you want to engage in the challenge and need the links.


Follow The Other Participants

Follow the other TikTok challenge participants and they will follow you back. One of the goals is to create a sense of community. You’ll immediatley get views and engagement from other members of this challenge.

Join The Chat

There is no group chat function on TikTok so instead we have created on in Google Spaces. If you signed up with a gmail account then within 24 hours you will have been granted permission to view this chat. If you don’t have access DM me on TikTok and I will make sure to add you right away. This is where you can post your new TikTok videos each day and get feedback and views from others in the challenge.

Check Out The Video Ideas Day By Day

You can do this challenge at your own pace and DO NOT need to follow my daily prompts. However, if you find yourself stuck, need inspiration, or are looking for an example then this is the place to go. Check out the 30 days of video ideas that I have put together to help you all out.