About My Project PsyChicks

In 2020 during the COVID Pandemic I started a virtual community for spi-curious individuals interested in all things psychic, metaphysical, witchy and woo. In a short time we grew to over 18K members in our Facebook group. At this time I also launched the PsyChicks spiritual business collective. This is a group of like-minded spiritual business operators who collaboratively service the PsyChicks community. 

What is PsyChicks All About?

The founding purpose of my project PsyChicks is to empower individuals to love and trust themselves more. The sub topic is intuition and spiritual gift development.

Who Are The PsyChick Collective Members

Anyone who wishes to be of service to the PsyChicks is welcome to sign up and join the PsyChick Collective. Typically our collective members are women with spiritual-niche business offerings that they wish to share with our community members.

What We Do

PsyChicks provides a fun, open, and engaging virtual gathering place for discussion, learning, comradery, and sharing for people who are interested in metaphysical subject matter.

The PsyChicks Collective is a membership where spiritual business operators can learn about how to find clients and customers for their business, facilitate online and in-person events, as well as directly share and promote their professional offerings. 

Am I Psychic?

I am empathic, intuitive if you really want to get specific about it. I ( Brandie Michelle ) do read tarot cards, share relevant insight and wisdom and participate fully as a member of the collective.  

Do you feel lonely in your spiritual journey and wish you had like minded friends to connect with? Yes. Wonderful, we welcome you. Here is where you can find our community. Start Here


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