Marketing Director At Keith’s Cacao

I am currently working as the Marketing Director At Keith’s Cacao. This opportunity came to me after I had been managing their ad campaigns for nearly a year. I would not give up the title of full time entrepreneur for just anyone, but Keith’s Cacao is such a wonderful company and when they asked very nicely that I become a part of their team, I simply couldn’t refuse. *wink*

This does however mean that I am currently paused on providing any ads management services for ecommerce clients. I also have made the decision to retire my agency BP Creative Marketing Services. If you have any specific questions about this please do not hesitate to reach out here.

My Role At Keith’s Cacao

I am responsible for a variety of different marketing activities for this e-commerce brand. As the director of marketing I help to manage a small team of marketing contractors and together we execute both email and social media campaigns. 

I am also applying my knowledge of Google and Meta Ads to run their paid advertising.
Everything else I do is absolutely top secret, and if I told you here I would have to kill you. *wink**wink*

Consulting Services

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Would you like to borrow my brain? I am currently available for 1:1 consultation ( 1 hour ) for anyone who would like my assistance strategizing their online marketing. Learn More…

V.I.P Days

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Listen, strategizing and talking things out is great but sometimes what we all really need is someone who knows what they are doing to take the reins and just get the thing done. With my V.I.P Days I can be that person for you. Learn More..

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You Can Get Keith’s Cacao From Me

Ceremonial Cacao, is cacao from the cacao plant unprocessed in its purest form. We all know about Cacao, the ingredient in chocolate that makes it taste like chocolate. Well, Ceremonial Cacao without any processing or additive ingredients. Because it is pure the integrity is preserved and you are able to enjoy all of the beneficial super components that exist within it. Learn More…