Hello You Beautiful Multi-Faceted FREE-SPIRITED Entrepreneur

I am Brandie Michelle Peters and I AM A DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGIST WHO helpS those who feel STUCK when it comes to BUILDING their online business get CLEAR AND CONFIDENT!

For over a decade I have supported myself and my family with my various online business ventures. Now I am helping other creative individuals claim their freedom by providing creative and technical strategy support for aspiring online business owners.

About Brandie Michelle Peters

Brandie has been building her career as an online marketing expert since 2011 when she landed her first freelance website copywriting gig on Elance ( now Upwork ). For ten years now, Brandie has has honed her skills as a content strategist and ads manager. In 2022, following the birth of her daughter, Brandie closed her successful Facebook ads agency, BP Creative Marketing, in order to take some time off and say YES to new pursuits. It was then that she accepted the marketing director role at Keith’s Cacao. What makes Brandie unique as an online marketing professional she is passionate about both the technical and creative aspects of digital marketing. She takes the time to test and experiment with new tools, strategies, and marketing techniques so that she can make informed recommendations to her clients. When you hire Brandie Michelle, you can trust that you are getting advice from someone who has both vast knowledge and applied experience.

Brandie’s Projects: What Is She Working On?

Since closing her Facebook Ads agency BP Creative Marketing in 2022 Brandie has been putting energy into a few passion projects in addition to her marketing director role.

Sharing Ceremonial Cacao

Brandie has developed a passion for sharing Keith’s Ceremonial Cacao, a powerful plant medicine that inhibits self-judgment, enhances intuition, and inspires creativity. The perfect accompaniment to any personal development endeavor Keith’s Ceremonial Cacao can help you improve your overall quality of life. There are so many different benefits to drinking Cacao and those who share it all have their own unique testimony impact that it has on their lives. If you are curious about Brandie’s experience and reason for sharing Cacao please click here.

Growing The PsyChicks Community and PsyChicks Collective

Since 2019 Brandie has been operating a metaphysical theme community for casual spiritualists called PsyChicks. It started out as a Facebook Group that later evolved to include in-person events and online summits, classes, and virtual gatherings. The PsyChicks spiritual business collective is a collective of spiritual business owners who are working collaboratively to provide support and service to the 16 K-member spiritual community of PsyChicks. In exchange for their monthly membership free PsyChick Collective members are listed on the PsyChicks Collective website, and are able to go live, produce and share content, as well as represent themselves and host in-person events as PsyChicks. If you would like to learn more about that please click here

Challenging You To Post Short Video Content

Recognizing the emerging importance of transitioning from text, picture, and graphical posts on social media to short videos, Brandie decided to initiate a short video posting challenge. The concept of this challenge is to encourage you to post 3 short videos a day for 30 days to build your self-confidence and become consistent with the short video content format. The reason why Brandie decided to create this was that she understood how many entrepreneurs and business owners were feeling intimidated by the current shift in content style. What she aims to do with this challenge is create a warm and welcoming community of entrepreneurial-minded individuals who support and encourage one another to post short videos on social media to help their business ventures grow. To learn more about Brandie’s short video confidence challenge click here.

The Values and Philosophies of Brandie Michelle Peters

Brandie views herself as a spirited creative first and a digital strategist and marketing tech expert second. She stumbled into a career in online marketing because she very much wanted to create a life of autonomy and freedom, where both her creative and technical skills would be utilized. Over the years Brandie has found her own unique way to approach marketing and digital entrepreneurship. She has a few key values that drive and motivate her.


Brandie enjoys helping her clients overcome creative blocks and technical obstacles so that they can get what is inside of their heads, out into the world. Her favorite part of her work is when what starts out as a concept or vision, is realised and executed.

Technical Accuracy

Because there are so many nuanced aspects of digital marketing technical accuracy has to be emphasized as an area of focus and importance. When working with clients Brandie helps to assure that not only is the creative vision fully realized, but also the execution of it is technically correct with the right solutions to achieve the goal objectives.

Fun, Play, and Freedom

Brandie is all about including fun, play, and freedom in all that is done. This means everything freedom from releasing self-judgment and creative blocks to create a meaningful, and intentional life. She encourages her clients to express themselves authentically and include humor and playfulness in their work.

Working With Brandie Michelle Peters

There are currently two opportunities to work with Brandie if you would like to pick her brain or require some technical assistance with your digital marketing.

One-Time Consultation

You can book 2-hour or full 5-hour sessions with Brandie. During this time she will help you resolve one specific problem with your business. Topics that can be covered include offer/product creation ( what should you sell ), marketing funnel design ( how should you market ), technical execution for paid ads ( setup, and troubleshooting ) or content strategy ( for social media posting and audience growth )

V.I.P Days

You can enlist brandie for a full 10 hours and have her help you complete in full specific technical marketing tasks. Each V.I.P Day session includes a pre-consult to identify exactly what you would like to have done during your 10 hours with Brandie. The benefit of a V.I.P day is that Brandie will work alongside you, helping you get things complete as well as help you to produce, install, review and test everything so that you leave that day with your project complete.

Other Opportunities

Join The Short Video Confidence Challenge

Sign up to take part in the 30-Day Short Video Confidence Challenge. Your challenge starts the day you start posting. You will get 30 days worth of video prompts and access to the community.

Buy Ceremonial Cacao

Are you located in Canada and would like to purchase some Keith’s Ceremonial Cacao from Brandie Michelle Peters. She has you covered! Click below to visit Brandie’s little Cacao Shop.

Join The PsyChicks Business Collective

Spiritual-niche business owners, who would like the opportunity to get your work in front of a warm and engaged audience? The opportunity to be part of the PsyChicks Business Collective is open to you click below for more details.

Tarot Card Readings

Brandie provides email readings using her favorite Fae & Ferns tarot cards. You can get a 3 card reading from Brandie here

Brandie’s Writings

Brandie has recently started to write reflective blogs and other content to share some of her experiences and knowledge. These are informal writing, with no other purpose than sharing some spontaneous thoughts and insights.

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