Brandie Michelle Peters

Creative Consultant

& Strategist

Let’s Go To Where The Magic Happens…

I help ambitious adults play.

If you are looking for someone to help you uncover your most authentic creative self then you have come to the right place. Think of me as your personal Mary Poppins, I am here to help you unlock your imagination so that you can dream bigger, live better and show up unapologetically, as the most authentic version of you.

Is The Negative Noise In Your Head Keeping You From Getting Your Ideas Out

When you think of an inspired creative idea do you have this conversation with yourself that goes like this: “I shouldn’t”,“What would people think?” “That’s too crazy”, “No way, I can’t” – Are you the one who is putting down all of your best ideas before they even have a chance to come through?

Now tell me this, does this creativity-cockblocking tendency of yours frustrate you deeply? 

Do you hold a secret desire to break out of your comfort zone, yet have no clue as to where to find the key?

That’s my zone of genius, I help entrepreneurs and business operators overcome the constrictive and limited thinking  that is holding them back. If you’re currently feeling stuck in place, going through a creative dry spell, I can help you release your fears to extract the brilliance that you’re holding back.

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