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So, Interesting Story…

Remember when I was telling you guys about my 11 years of experience in online marketing? Well somewhere along the way my path crossed with an up and coming e-commerce business called Keith’s Cacao. Little did I know that the next big move I would make in my career is to become their biggest fan…. and director of marketing.

Its Cool Though! Because I absolutely LOVE Ceremonial Cacao and am completely okay making it a focus of mine for a while.

Dude. Have You Tried Ceremonial Cacao For Boosting Creativity and Increasing Prosperity Yet?

I interrupt your regular boring old day to introduce you to the most remarkable plant medicine known to man! No not that one, THE OTHER ONE. The chocolate one.

So there I was, just living my regular old existence drinking coffee like a common buffoon, thinking that if I wanted that that “omg I am capable of anything right now!” vibe I would I would totally have to trade off for the anxious, shaky, “am I going crazy?” vibe. BOY was I wrong. 

In 2021 I was introduced to the beauty of Cacao. 

So, What’s so great about it?

Ceremonial Cacao, is cacao from the cacao plant unprocessed in its purest form. We all know about Cacao, the ingredient in chocolate that makes it taste like chocolate. Well, Ceremonial Cacao without any processing or additive ingredients. Because it is pure the integrity is preserved and you are able to enjoy all of the beneficial super components that exist within it.

What are those?

Phenylethylamine PEA – 

The love chemical makes you feel like you have butterflies in your stomach. The chemical that the brain produces when you are in love.


Similar energy boost to caffeine but much gentler. Theobromine is what makes the Cacao plant medicine, because it opens up your cardiovascular system and makes you feel bright and euphoric. 


My favourite. A naturally occurring cannabinoid makes you feel relaxed and free spirited. Get out of your own way and tap into your natural intuition. On Anandamide we’re all so tuned in, we’re practically psychic.

Okay you have me convinced, I have got to try it.

Where can I find this magic Ceremonial Cacao?

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