Pulling Cards from My New Lord of The Rings Tarot Deck

Context: Right now in my life I am feeling incredibly torn about what I should do with myself regarding my career. On one hand i have a lot of satisfaction and security with one specific job as marketing director. The company I work for is very generous to me, I am able to make all my own hours and work remote, there is very little pressure put on me to work harder or do more than what is reasonable. I should be satisfied. Yet, quite often now, and I wonder if it is just the work addiction and old habits, I start to think it is time to start making a lot of money again and push myself to further my career. I am hoping a card reading today will help me to clarify this and get me outside of my own head so that I can make the right decision here.

The Tarot Deck: my deck of choice today is my Lord of The Rings Tarot Deck, I bought this for myself for my 35th birthday and I would really like to break it in.

The Spread: I am doing “the trilogy” 3 card pull, suggested by the deck guide. You can see the arrangement below. 

Lord of The Rings Spread from Lord of The Rings Cards

Lord of The Rings Tarot Card Spread “The Trilogy”

The Interpretation:

Gabrielle appears as The Queen of Cups , to represent empathy and compassion. This is the compassion I must have for myself, as over the last 3 years I have had a tough time with a lot of grief mourning closing my agency even though it was the right choice. She is offering reassurance that everything is okay and that I made the right choice, I should not live in a state of remorse of regret. In the guide it reads: she reminds you that happiness is more important than money, fame or prestige. Very fitting, i do worry quite often that people think less of me since I am no longer running my agency. I sometimes worry people think that I am a “as-been” because of the success and small, niche’ fame I enjoyed for a minute working as an expert online marketing. In reality though everyone has for the most part forgotten about me as they are worried about their own lives. This is a good thing , you do not want people paying too much attention to you, there is a lot of pressure there. I think this is also to remind me of how pure and passionate I am about other things , and sharing my heart with others. It has been revealed to me that marketing was never really my true passion, most of my concerns about this stem from fears I have about money scarcity and paying off my debts.

9 Of Cups, is a fitting card because it refers to the many good fortunes I have , and that my manifestations come easily to me. This is true, most things that I set my heart on I do tend to get. With that, it is important to remember what a gift that is to be able to make my life what I want and that good things tend to come to me. It isn’t luck though, I am just someone who has the ability to get hyper-focused. When I pulled 9 of cups, it was reversed, the reminder here is it is okay to desire more and wish to live an extraordinary life. The desire for more adventure that I have, I should not be ashamed of. Maybe though right now I should be patient and have a grateful heart, live in the current state that I am in for awhile and trust that when it is time to make big moves again I will know it.

Lastly Wheel of Fortune: Another sign of great abundance, maybe I am being too limiting and narrow in my perspective, there are always more possibilities. It seems that eventually things will be clearer and the next step will be revealed at the right time. Stop putting pressure on myself to know, it hasn’t been that much time, the fact is that there will be more signs when it is time to take action. The deck guide actually reads: “it is hard for you to keep your viewpoint at this moment”. How true, I have no idea what i really want and I am just reacting to emotional whims. It is not a great time for me to make anything too concrete or set in stone. I should be more fluid in how I see things that there is a lot that could play out if I am just patient and keep the course.


Well as usual the Tarot Cards set me straight, I am definitely feeling clearer now that I read my cards. Note to self is to read cards for myself more often because it gives me a new perspective. Also, this deck is so fun and suits my personality. Looking forward to “playing” with it more.

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